Tech Executive, Product Manager, Startup Mentor

Lean Software Developer

Hi, I'm Francesco Trucchia

Since 2008, I help software developer teams delivering value driven software using agile and lean methodologies

I'm a signatory of Manifesto for Agile Software Development. I use its values and principles to make the right choices on my everyday work.

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My Skills

I help companies increase their value with agile and lean methodologies

Lean Business Evolution

I help digital companies to evolve towards their maximum potential

Lean Software Development

I support companies on developing their business with technology

Projects that involved me

I invest in smart people, best digital companies and tech disruptive startup, contributing on their growth.


Soisy vuole reinventare il mondo dei pagamenti rateali di beni e servizi su e-commerce. Usiamo la tecnologia per offrire un'esperienza di pagamento semplice e veloce agli e-commerce e ai loro clienti. Permettiamo a investitori esterni di finanziare i pagamenti rateali sul nostro marketplace .


Since 2008 our team build websites and web applications from our customers' ideas. We have expertise to build from gorgeous design, to complex applications and to help applications to scale at large users base. We are not afraid of 100Mln users month nor 1Billions queries week. We believe in good practices, eXtreme programming for development, Agile Methods for project management and Lean to reduce the waste. We crafted our methodologies to be very robust as we pursue our objectives through a cycle: developing, measuring the results, understanding the outcome and starting again with the next wave of improvements. We work for big companies but we also love startups, we help them improving their business model and training the developers team.

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